How to plan for a successful move

Moving can be stressful, even overwhelming, but with preparation and organization the transition can go smoothly!

  • If you have a spare room, not in use, make that the staging area for your boxes.
  • Purchase boxes or visit a grocery/ hardware store that gets regular deliveries and see if you can have their boxes. Make sure that they are sturdy and a size that you can move when full. Get more boxes than you think you need in a variety of sizes. Small boxes work well for books, large boxes are great for lampshades and bedding.
  • Buy bubble wrap or recycle tissue paper and newspapers for fragile items. Use towels or linens to pad the boxes of fragile items. Clearly mark these boxes “FRAGILE” with a marker in an obvious place.
  • Mark the boxes with their destination in your new home, such as “MASTER BEDROOM”, so you know where the boxes should go. You may also want to prioritize the boxes you need to have opened first. An “OPEN ME FIRST” box may include things you will need right away during the move, such as tools, bathroom essentials, cleaning supplies and light bulbs.
  • Use packing tape to reinforce and close boxes. It can also be used to seal bottles and open containers so that they don’t spill during the move.
  • When disassembling furniture, put the hardware into a bag and tape it to a piece of the furniture to make sure they stay together.
  • If possible, leave clothes etc. in your dresser drawers to save on packing. Just remove the drawers to move the dresser.
Make a master list of household items and belongings to make sure everything arrives safely in your new home!

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