New Home vs. Existing - Which Is Best For You?

If you are having trouble deciding which is best - a New Home or an Existing Home - you are not alone. Almost every homebuyer struggles with this question early on in the process, and it is something that you should definitely discuss and investigate before making a decision. While we feel that you should not have to settle for someone else’s dream– a home that was built with someone else’s tastes and lifestyle in mind, we will try to be objective to help you decide which route is best for you.

Existing Home:

- You may get a less expensive home if it was built when labor and materials were less expensive.

- You can see what you are getting
- Though used, appliances and window treatments are often included.
- You can move in quicker.
- Most existing homes have existing lawn and/or landscaping.
- There is a direct relationship between the price of homes for sale and the overall care and attitude of the neighborhood in general.

- Generally less energy-efficient, so more costly to heat and cool.
- Initial construction or past renovations may not meet today’s building codes.
- Building materials will be harder to match or replace.
- May need expensive repairs and renovations, especially if asbestos abatement or lead based paint removal is necessary. - No point of contact to call if something goes wrong. There is no warranty.

Newly constructed home:

- Less maintenance than an older home. You’ll spend less time and money on maintenance.
- Customized options and upgrades for the needs and tastes of the homeowner.
- Built to the most recent building and safety codes.
- More efficient and innovative use of space inside and out - often more storage space.
- Modern amenities.
- More energy-efficient design and materials, better lumber, improved insulation.
- May be wired for today’s technology and security.
- You can have input into structural and interior decorating decisions.
- New building materials are safer, as they don’t include things such as lead or asbestos.
- Construction and appliance warranties. You are not on your own should there be an issue after move-in.

- Construction delays are possible.
- New homes can cost more than existing homes.
- Landscaping will be new and immature.
- Fear of the unknown if neighboring lands are undeveloped.
- New homes are often built on the edge of a town or city as the city expands, which may mean a longer commute to work.

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